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I have been asked if I can supply hire collections for a Weddings and I would like to say I can find a multiple of 5 Silver Minks, 5 Ivory Foxes & 5 Ivory Minks 5 Platinum Foxes.

Important please read before you contact us or book a Fur.

Thank You

Terms and Conditions


Contact Details 01684 491596 10 am - 10 pm 7days

Email.... vintage_fur [email protected]

or a contact page at the bottom of the page.

You need to check the Fur availability for your required date, by asking the office.

1. There is a a Booking Fee approx 50% payable when booked, the Booking Fee represents 50% of the Total Fee, so that the chosen fur can be removed from selection for that date. The Fur is NOT booked until the fur deposit is paid.

A. If the Fur is needed 6 weeks or more after the Booking date, you will pay the Booking fee. If you want to pay the total amount of the fee you will be given a 15% Discount off the price of the Fur

B. If you require the item within 4 weeks you will be invoice for 100% of the Hire Fee and the Postage with no Booking fee. Which means all the fee is Invoiced so as no other invoiced is raised at all on this item .

2. The postage will be bought by me, then when posted to you and it will also include return packaging with the postage thereon. So all someone need to do is to put the fur into the box and apply sellotape and pop it in to the post office, asking for a 'Proof of Posting' certificate

3. Both ways will be signed for, so if you want it to go to you place of work so as someone is there to sign for it. Although please book with your own address

4. The reason this will be done for you, is that you will be going away on Honeymoon, and someone will find this easy to this do for you. If it is not a Wedding, there will not be a problem

5. You have the choice whether you pay the Balance with the Booking Fee more than 6 before your wedding (see No 1). Which hopefully will be paid by a Bank Money Transfer. if need be I will accept a cheque


6. The last thing is the stole will be sent Mon or Tues, to you and you are requested to return you hire stole within working days 2 days of use (for example Wedding on Saturday return on Monday or Tues so it can be checked and dispatched to the Bride on Tues or Wed for the following Saturday's Wedding so the hire is for approx 5 days and 2 days in the post

7.You can request a opinion on what will go you dress but you need to send me a photo of your dress, I was in the Rag Trade during the 70's

8. At any time you can change your mind and rebook a different fur and the difference will be asked for or returned

9. You are responsible for the fur while in your possession It is covered by insurance whilst in transit both ways

10.You will be able to pay by card over the phone shortly.

Example...... BOOKING FEE = 50% . The fee is due as soon as you book your date.

                      INVOICE for total HIRE FEE = sent to you 1 months before Wedding.

Which will include the Hire Fee and Postage - Less Booking Fee which will be made on booking date.. OFFERS See above 1a

The chosen FUR will be sent in a delivery box with my name and address the correct postage will be on the outside. It will then be wrapped and posted with your name and address on the outside with the postage. So all you have to do is get Mum to take it to the Post Office Monday/Tuesday Morning and obtain a 'certificate of posting' all you will need is a roll of Sellotape to seal the box.

If you book anytime within 4 weeks to you wedding, you will have to pay the full fee, at the time of booking

If there is something you do not understand please contact me. 079885 90788

I do not buy furs please don't use these forms to ask.

These Vintage Furs are suitable Weddings, Proms, Special Occasions and the Theatre. It has already been explained that part of the Hire Charge will be going the chosen Charity

The FORM below is for serious inquiries, dimensions, questions, photographs, email etc.

........... [email protected]

Tel anytime 10am -10pm 7 days p.w.

Thank you for looking.

Stole No 24

This White Fox is featured on the Fox page, but is 72" long and 12 wide. and has 5 bands One of these will be available end of Mar 2013

Why it is here is the fact this one was STOLEN.

Another 1 earlier this autumn

was Lost/Stolen due to one mistake after another, because they had not read the terms & conditions.

I do not charge a large deposit in fact no deposit at all, so I do expect you to understand the returns procedure.

I also get the forms through with no contact details on ???


If you do want to make a booking please use this Form or email to show that you need some assistance. Thank You

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