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This is the Page 1 of our Wedding Minks

They come in beautiful Cream, White and Ivory

Each fur is subject to a Hire and Postage charge of £10

Each way so that is £20 for Special Next Morning

Deliver between 9 am and 1 pm which includes

Insurance during posting out and return post.

Hire Charges given below.

No 11

Beautiful Cream Mink

Multi sized 10 - 18

Cost of this Stole



This is No 12

Ivory Stole


           No 13

          For Sale £250

           For Sale

                       No 14

This Stole is a very pale Mink and a

Size 14

          Cost for this Fur Hire


No 15

Silver/White Azureen

Size 14 -16

               Cost for this fur hire


No 16

A Very White Mink

Approx a Size 16

         For Sale £295

No 17

Silver Mink Stole

is a size 12

        Co​st of the fur hire


No 18

Silver Mink Jacket


           Cost to hire this Fur                    £70.00

No 19

White Mink

          Cost to hire this fur


No 20


Silver Grey Mink

With Sleeves


             Cost to hire this Fur


New One Coming Soon