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I thought I would show you some of the things that can go wrong with buying furs. You never know what could be wrong until it arrives. The whole concept of my business is not to make the same mistakes as the HSUS and PETA by destroying fur and forcing a fur buyer to buy new because of the depleted Vintage market.

I undertake to repair everything that comes to me and if something is so bad to just cut the bad piece out. I take out the lining and padding and see the real problems. The fur below is the worst I have ever come across, but as it is in straight lines it will prove to be easier. The process will start with sewing every split seam up by hand then applying a rubberised glue finally sticking a cotton lawn membraneacross the whole stole.

It will take between 10 and 15 hours maybe more due to its size.

I will put in a new padding and a silk lining.

It will be cleaned and look like new and have a shelve life of 10 - 20 years.

It will stay with me though as I would not want to sell the fur for someone would spend their time looking to see if they could find the problems.

It is like saving a old geriatric animal, with care and compassion.

It is a one off and by hiring it to gentle caring people it will live out its live in comfort.

Most importantly people who see it and hire it will not buy a similar item and cause a lot of foxes to die in 2013

Lastly I will try to do as much of this work as possible, as for the experts it is a dying art.

Tears in a very old Silver Fox