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They will be just that little bit extra special, with either top designers or something you probably not seen before.

I am adding two tonight a beautiful off White extra large Fox Fur and a large

Grey Silver Fox Fur, not very many of these around Silver Fox comes in Black or Brown with White or Crystal tips. This is a rare Grey with Crystal tips.

A third will be added a shoulder wrap or cape for just the shoulders in Black Grey and White fox

This is stole No 101 = No 25

It is a most beautiful extra large off White Fox Fur.

It is 14" wide and 72" long

The Hire charge for this Fur is £50 and the posting Fee will be £18 return and that includes insurance.

This stole No 102

A very rare Grey Silver/Crystal Fox

You can see the tips quite clearly from the photo's it is such an unusual piece and it would easily go with a evening dress or a suit

It is 72" long and 11" wide

The cost of hiring this stole is £50 and £18 for both way postage and that includes insurance

Our newest piece it looks like a jacket but is a cape. Have seen a lot of these in Silver fox (Brown and White)

This one in Platinumor Crystal